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Thank You to All Our Sponsors and Donors

Sheep Hill Astronomical Association, which operates the Sheep Hill Observatory, is a private entity supported 100% by donations. This page is dedicated to those who have made significant donations to the organization. What we do could not be possible without your generosity.

Sponsors and Donors: Imprint

Major Contributors to the Upcoming Dome Restoration

Special thanks to the town of Boonton for the generous grant that allowed us to reach our goal!

Benjamin Moore & Co

R. Andrew & Eileen Moore

Oana S. Stefan

Sponsors and Donors: Text

Telescope Drive Upgrades

We would like to thank the Rotary Club of Boonton for their generous grant that allowed us to upgrade the telescope drive system to enable precise control of the telescope, and equip it for detailed photographic observations and astrophotography.

Sponsors and Donors: Text
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