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The Dome: Restored!

See Photos prior to the repair, and during the repair process, below!

Repairing the Dome: Text

Project Status: COMPLETE!

The repairs on the Dome have been completed! 

Built in the early 70's, the dome has weathered extensively over time and was in need of major repairs. 

Renovations on Sheep Hill Observatory included:

  • Removing the shutter doors from the dome

  • Sandblasting the entire dome - interior and exterior - to remove the old paint

  • Welding the worn and brittle areas of the dome and working to improve the angle of certain areas to ensure rain water does not pool and create issues in the future

  • Painting the exterior of the dome with special weather-resistant paint

  • Painting the interior of the dome with black paint

  • Painting the exterior of the building

Repairing the Dome: Welcome
Repairing the Dome: Gallery
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