Repairing and Restoring the Observatory Dome


Project Status: FUNDED!

We finally have the funds to repair the dome!

We have a few contractors that have expressed interest in the past on helping us out, but we're still looking for more help. If you or someone you know have experience with metal fabrication, welding, paint-stripping and recoating, rental of construction fencing and, most importantly, rigging and crane operation please contact us! We're not looking for free work, although we won't turn it down. We have funds. We can pay.

Stage 1 of renovations on Sheep Hill Observatory will completely refurbish the steel dome that presently sits atop the observatory. Built in the early 70's, the dome has weathered extensively over time and is now in need of major repairs. Members of the organization have maintained the structure throughout the years performing minor and routine maintenance. However, the repairs needed presently will require professional outside contractors to complete properly.

The dome presently has multiple leaks where the sheet metal has rusted away over time. This puts the telescope inside and all of the electrical equipment, optical equipment, records and literature, and the interior structure of the building in jeopardy.

The dome will need to be removed from the observatory by crane and set in the parking lot for much of this work to be completed. During this time we will replace all the pulleys and cables that operate the shutters, replace or refurbish the rollers and tracks the shutters ride on, refurbish the rollers that the dome itself rides on, and inspect everything for proper working order and make repairs as needed.