June 2015

The club voted to have the telescope's mirrors recoated ahead of schedule. They were sent out to Majestic Coatings and recoated. The came back in pristine condition and were reinstalled into the telescope. Views are now noticably brighter and sharper.

December 2014

Our guiding computer was damaged most likely due to a storm over the summer. The unit had to be sent out for replacement and the encoders that tell the computer where the telescope is pointed had to be replaced as well. This sets back our fundraising effort by more than $500.

August 2014

We have been able to get the dome 95% watertight. This is only a temporary measure and will not last for long. We continue our efforts to raise the necessary funds for professional repair work.

March 2014

It's been a LONG, cold winter, but Spring is just about here! The snow is melting and fundraising efforts are in full swing and will continue until our target it reached. Temporary repairs to the dome will resume as the weather warms up, and we are planning a number of public outreach events to share astronomy with the public and raise funds for the repairs.

October 2013

We are in the process of organizing a letter campaign to solicit donations from area businesses. If you know of any companies or organization which give charitable donations, please contact us.

We have had a number of groups visit up in October and more are scheduled for November.

Weather and time constraints have kept us from making much progres on temporary repairs. We hope to make a bit more progress before winter sets in. The observatory is still leaking water inside during heavy rains. A new sign was put on the door to identify the observatory to anyone who stumbles upon it while we are closed.

September 2013

Estimates are in for all proposed work and a fund raising goal of $25,000 was set to complete restoration work on the dome. This amount will comfortably allow for all unexpected costs and also allow for some other minor improvements to be made as well.

We have made considerable progress on sealing the east door. The entire seam has been flashed and caulked. It appears to be water tight. Work will continue now on the west door.

Dino had filled the bullet holes in the door some time ago. The door and the column inside have been painted to complete this minor project.

August 2013

Work on temporary repairs continues. Slow going due to the heat and difficulty of the work. We have patched a large hole in the west door which considerably slowed the leaking, but the remainder of the seam continues to leak somewhat.